Where Do You Go, My Lovely?

Image Source: AirAsia.com

Image Source: AirAsia.com

Strange as it may sound, I haven’t yet visited a single Asian city outside India. During my childhood, about two decades ago, Asia wasn’t a very glamorous hub of holiday destinations mostly due to the political unrest in quite a few countries. The ’90s actually witnessed the boom in economy and astronomical growth of inconspicuous countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. They built skyscrapers, created records with a few of them, renovated their river banks, embellished their capital cities with a lot of things to attract rest of the world. Since the new millennium, one of these cities has been alluring me with all the past, present and future it can promise of. I’ll keep it easy for you, my dream destination has been Bangkok for the last decade.

While it was very much a foreign country and considered exotic back when I was in school, the last five years have ensured extremely budget airfares for all of us. Air Asia, currently the world’s best low cost airline is hosting the ‘World’s Best Online Travel Fair‘ where we get to pick our dream destinations at cheapest prices. This is a very opportune moment for me to write about Bangkok as I am planning a trip there about next year. Air Asia seems to be my best bet as the return fare from my home city Calcutta to and from Bangkok is actually lower than a domestic trip to Pune! It looks quite feasible and promises to add a zing to my tour planner. Let me share my Bangkok itinerary with you readers.

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