Indian Quills Reading Challenge 2013

Indian Quills Reading Challenge

Indian Quills Reading Challenge

I can claim I have been reading Indian authors writing in English since Malgudi Days (by R.K. Narayanan), but that was more textbook than pleasure in school. I have been hooked to Indian authors in English since I got a copy of Hungry Tide by Amitava Ghosh. There has been no pit-stop since then, as I have gorged on various other such authors.

2013 begins pretty exultingly with the Indian Quills Reading Challenge which is an attempt to bring the reviews of books by Indian authors scattered all over under one database at The Tales Pensieve. I don’t think I can let go of an opportunity to sum up a few books and make them less forgettable by posting reviews.

I’m diving in right away, are you? 🙂