Life is On Fastrack, Get One Now!

Image Courtesy: Fastrack

Image Courtesy: Fastrack

I’ve been a fan of watches since I was a kid. I used to pester my Ma to let me wear her watch at times, an old lilac-dialled Titan watch that I loved. I wore the watch to school some times, just to flaunt an elder self of mine before friends. I somehow had the idea that wearing a watch would push me into the league of seniors and not just a ten year old. Since then, I’ve tried to collect watches as and when I can. My parents gifted me a Titan when I passed the first board exam of my life, as is the custom in most Bengali households. I have about four watches from different brands which I love, but I recently spotted Fastrack watches for women that I’m yet to acquire. Fastrack is a very popular and in-budget brand for youth in India and almost all my friends have one or two watches from them. One of them is a doctor and he wouldn’t leave his favourite Fastrack even during his wedding ceremonies, casting aside the expensive watch his father-in-law gifted! Continue reading

Book Review : The Guitar Girl

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Sixteen year old Rhea Shah never thought that she would find herself falling for her brother’s best friend, Joy Fernandez, when they come home from college. Because she never thought that the dork who used to go to school with them would suddenly reinvent himself in college.

The only people she’s able to talk to about her absurd crush, are her best friends, Sophie and Arjav. Both of whom at first encourage, and then almost blackmail, Rhea to confess her feelings, which leaves the poor girl more muddled than ever!

Plagued with upcoming Board Examinations along with her friends’ suggestions, Rhea finds it difficult to concentrate, because she’s fallen for Joy, hook, line and sinker. In an attempt to vent to her feelings, she begins a blog, where she publishes all her songs and poems, dedicated to Joy, keeping her identity a secret.

But things do not go quite how she planned when a certain blogger named J. Fern begins to read her blog, and wishes to work with her…

Will Rhea ever confess her feelings to Joy? And will Joy find out the real identity of The Guitar Girl?


How many times have you revisited childhood reading a book and felt familiar? Aniesha takes us to that precious time of our lives where each one of us has had crushes and infatuations, knowingly or otherwise, for people they know or just random strangers, at school or in their neighbourhood. We’ve all tried to ignore them, or fallen hopelessly in love, discussed them with our best friends or siblings, and hoped for more, some day.

The Guitar Girl is Rhea Shah, who has a pesky elder brother and his handsome college friend Joy Fernandez who she falls for when she’s sixteen. Yes, such things happen mostly at sixteen. Joy was a dorky senior in school who turned hot in college and stunned his best friend’s little sister. We also meet Rhea’s best friends – Sophie and Arjav – who turn a couple later.  There are ample teen elements in the story, love, maths, economics, homework, study sessions and love again. Young love is tender and Aniesha explores it quite deftly.

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