Open Tee Canvas

Last Diwali, our cousin came down from a distant city where she is in college. We chalked out a schedule for roaming around the city; if you know our city, Calcutta, it’s a beautiful one with some modernity strewn amongst a lot of heritage. So we went to the New Market, which isn’t that new any more, and shopped, which we normally do together. We looked for junk jewellery and cheap t-shirts. Since we live in such a hot and humid country, soft cotton t-shirts are always a priority.

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

We look for them hither and thither, in malls and in quaint shops across the street corners.If you are a tee lover, you might prefer either plain monochrome ones, or the printed ones, or the rest with graphics, sketches and slogans written all around. I normally look for light printed t-shirts in sober colours and plain borders. On the other hand, M prefers ones with graphics and interesting captions written on them. He’s finally found one, which has “NEVER DRINK AND DERIVE” with equations all over. Sis-in-law searched for some exotic ones with floral prints for summer and bright ones for fall. Paired with a classic pair of jeans, these tees are quintessential for young ones.

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