Ap(p)t Is The New Myntra!

Image Courtesy: Myntra

Image Courtesy: Myntra app

Did you know an average person checks their phone 150 times a day?

Well, I didn’t know that for a fact but I check my phone at least 100 times a day. It’s a habit we have inculcated in the post-smartphone era. The phones look good, mostly sleek with moderate to big screens, high Bezel ratio (screen to body ratio) with high-resolution display – overall, it’s a pleasure just to look at the beautiful LCD screen. My father-in-law, who isn’t nearly as tech-savvy as us, still checks his smartphone as often as possible. He loves his wallpaper, the little screensaver effects, and mostly listens to his favourite music any time of the day. He had initially resisted to using these new-age phones, but after about two years he seems to be addicted to the device. It’s no longer a luxury to him, rather, a necessity.

We are a different lot though, ones who use varied apps on their phones for online shopping and other activities. Studies show that 90% of smartphone users in India use apps.

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