Home Is Where The (He)Art Is

I am not much of an interior decorator by nature. I have always dreamed of great interiors while living in rental places. In fact, I still do as I don’t ‘own‘ a home as yet. Having a couple of rooms to stay at my parents’ or in-laws’ place is not what I call home. Those are pieces of architecture that they have built spending their money, sweat and often blood – decking them up in their own styles. I can add bits and pieces to those rooms in order to claim them as ‘mine‘, but they aren’t really so. I believe in creating a home at the rectangular box of an apartment where I live each year. I have this plan of a dream home which I have chalked out putting puzzle pieces of blueprint together and adding my own touch to make it my home, our home.

Image Courtesy: RippleLinks.com

Image Courtesy: RippleLinks.com

Asian Paints has been a part of our childhood as far as I can remember. It has been the epitome in the paint industry of India touching our lives in some way or the other. In our friends’ circle, whenever we have a doubt about any hue/chroma/value, the parley always leads to , “Ab Asian Paints ka shade card laaun kya? (Do you want to verify from an Asian Paints shade card?)” . It is heartwarming to find them catering to customers like us in more than one way. Asian Paints Home Solutions sounds perfect for people who are venturing into building a home for the first time. I would look forward to asking for their help in choosing the colour, theme, texture and paint protection requirements when I build a home for my family.

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